Student cities: studying in Cambridge

Student cities: studying in Cambridge
Cambridge has all the tradition and prettiness you’d expect but also plenty of nightlife.

根据最新的英国人口普查,20%的剑桥的居民是大学生 - 所以这么大的城市都在围绕大学生活而令人惊讶的是。


The university organises a huge number of activities. It was voted number one for extracurricular activities/societies in the倍高的教育Student Experience Survey 2015 and has hundreds of clubs and societies. It has 29 million books in its library too, which might keep you occupied… but step into the city and there are many other things to do.

Free and cheap stuff to do in Cambridge


即使在最冷的月份,全年都有免费的节日和活动。篝火之夜是一个真正的壮观,因为当城市的主要建筑以奇怪和美妙的方式亮起时,2月份的电子潮流节。秋天的龙舟节以其他方式与东方主题船只在河上的比赛中竞争的其他方面是美妙的。这两个大型,免费音乐/艺术节是六月和七月的大周末的草莓博览会。为期三天的母士和街头表演者节日 - 也在六月 - 增加了城市的魅力。谁知道,如果你有一个炫耀的人才,你就可以在街上,造成路人 - 停止和欣赏。

Spend £15 on the annual student membership for the Cambridge Picturehouse to get your fill of cinema; spend £2.50 upwards for a pastry at one of Cambridge’s many great cake shops. Stickybeaks is popular and comparatively new; Fitzbillies has been serving cakes for almost a century and is well known for its large, sticky Chelsea buns.

Alternatively, go to one of Cambridge’s museums and art galleries – home to over five million exhibits so they should have something you find interesting. There are museums devoted to science, computing, archaeology, modern and classic paintings, sculpture, steam age technology, fossils, zoology, and Arctic and Antarctic exploration.


There are four big shopping areas in Cambridge and a number of small streets with independent, unusual stores. Retail therapy and practical day-to-day purchases are available from Cambridge’s markets, which run seven days a week. The general market is open Monday to Saturday; there are also arts, crafts and local produce markets at weekends.


剑桥五大夜总会得到了各种评论。Kuda和Ballare很大而且有很多闪亮,有很多学生饮料交易;Fez Club有摩洛哥风格的装饰和独立和RNB之夜。Lola Lo有一个夏威夷看起来,三层楼,并在不稳定的乐趣政策上运行自己。Q俱乐部在装饰方面绝对没有装饰,但广泛的音乐之夜覆盖了20世纪60年代至20世纪90年代,新的行为,哥特和岩石。

The city gets top marks for its number of highly rated pubs. There are quiet and chatty pubs, for example the Maypole, the Baron of Beef and the tiny pub that’s called the Free Press. There are late haunts with cute and trendy names such as Baroosh and Pint Shops, and a couple of historical inns – the Eagle being the best known. The college bars have got a good reputation for having a wide range of inexpensive drinks and a variety of ambiences.


If you’re looking for work experience

There are part-time job opportunities connected to Cambridge’s leisure and tourism sector, and to the universities and other educational establishments in the city. Other than that, Cambridge’s main industries are research and development, software consultancy, high-end engineering, creative industries, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

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